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Minutes are the record of what a club does at its meetings minutes of your 4-h club should include the following facts: kind of meeting, whether regular or special. 4-h pln sr committee meeting minutes national 4-h leadership meeting, boston august 26-28, 2008 greensboro, north carolina prepared by kellye s rembert. 3 beginning the 4-h year • get last year’s secretarial records from the previous secretary minutes of the last club meeting written by the previous secretary should be the fi rst minutes that you. Find your local 4-h club to learn about 4-h youth programs in stem, healthy living, agriculture and citizenship help your child build life skills.

4 h meeting notes 4-h club meeting notes form the 4-h club officer handbook is a handy resource tool for them to rely on in planning and conducting effective meetings.

4-h council meeting minutes november 4, 2014 6:30 pm in attendance: ed flanigan, betty schalk, nancy morse, curtis and peggy reinbott, and stephanie milner. Meeting notes - these are the minutes from various 4-h committee meetings if you are unable to attend a meeting or missed out on some important information it should be covered in these notes. Ohio state university extension cfaes provides research and related educational programs to clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis for more information: goosuedu/cfaesdiversity.

The regular monthly meeting of the bee happy 4-h club was held january 1, 2020 the minutes recorded by bruce, secretary the minutes of the previous meeting. Mark mains assistant director for 4-h youth development 212 scovell hall lexington, ky 40546-0064 859-257-5961. 4-h hands-on learning & education programs for kids build skills like responsibility, resiliency & hard work, helping them to succeed in life.

4-h leaders’ meeting minutes february 24, 2014 kim called the meeting to order and sarah did not have a secretary’s report we had a moment of silence for. Minutes from the july 2014 4-h board meeting 4- h board of directors meeting july 19, 2014 submitted by: shari wright members in attendance:. 4-h meeting guide handout the secretary or note taker needs to keep accurate notes of all decisions made copies of the notes should be available to all members. 4-h youth development program - community club information & committee meeting agendas & minutes.

4-h club business meeting agenda guide 4 – h club meeting minutes (page 1 of 2) the meeting of the 4-h club was called to order by:. Use this form to prepare an agenda the president (or presiding officer) should prepare with the club manager at least a week before the 4-h club meeting. Type or print your meeting minutes in the space below print and insert a copy of the minutes secretary official meeting minutes author: tracy grody.

4-h council meeting no 4-h council meeting in march include the club name & meeting date on them minutes must also include club expenses that were voted. 4-h club meeting outline president: g our secretary, _____ will now read the minutes of our last 4-h club meeting (secretary reads minutes & calls roll). State 4-h family & consumer science development committee meeting minutes october 20, 2010, 1:00-3:00 pm the meeting was called to order at 1:08 pm by pamela rose, who started her half-time appointment.

Collaborate for free with an online version of microsoft word save documents in onedrive share them with others and work together at the same time. Sample minutes of 4-h club meeting 44 form y671d: minutes of 4-h club meeting 45 practice for secretaries 46 so you are reporter 47 checklist for reporters 47. 3 meeting minutes the minutes of the meeting are the secretary’s most important job in the minutes, you will need to include the following: success is the result. 4-h senior council meeting minutes tuesday, october 25, 2016 treasurer, theresa shettlesworth called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm after pledges, the secretary minutes were.

4 h meeting notes 4-h club meeting notes form the 4-h club officer handbook is a handy resource tool for them to rely on in planning and conducting effective meetings. Download
4 h meeting notes
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